Steve Gorman for Iowa Senate District 8

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Why Steve?

“I’ve spent my life working hard to serve people in their times of greatest need. I’m ready to take my experience and hard work to the State Capitol and be a strong voice for working families.”

Hard Work

As a firefighter, Gorman has been recognized for numerous lifesaving awards for going above and beyond the call of duty including cardiac, trauma and fire events as a front line firefighter. He is a member of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 15.

Community Focused

He has volunteered for many activities like neighborhood watch and clean ups to benefit the entire community. He has volunteered for several local schools, Celebrate Council Bluffs, and Preserve Council Bluffs. Gorman was also a scout leader and a youth sports coach at both the YMCA and Parks & Recreation.




Issues I will work on in the Iowa Senate


I do not believe the most vulnerable citizens in Iowa should be used for profit. Iowa’s privatization of Medicare was the wrong direction for the state of Iowa.The citizens of Iowa are more than capable of managing the Medicaid and administering the needs of our most vulnerable citizens. As a front line fire fighter I regularly witness the need to expand Medicaid to make healthcare affordable to more of the “working poor” families in Iowa. I believe healthcare in a right not a privilege

Public Schools

Iowa’s public schools need to be fully funded. The Iowa GOP legislators have underfunded them for the past 6 years. We need to move Iowa schools back to leading the nation in education. Our student’s performance on standardized tests currently rank in the bottom half of the 50 states. We need to fully support our educators to recruit and keep high qualities teachers in the state. We need to support our post secondary education institutions so that education is avoidable and obtainable for all Iowa citizens.

Judicial selection process

I believe the current process, which was established in the early 1960’s and  was a model process adopted by numerous other states produces judicial expertise, rather than partisan judges. The proposed Republican change would give law makers and the Governor more power in selecting judges for the states’s courts which will weaken the checks and balances of our three branches of government.

Unemployment Insurance

Two years after cutting Workers Compensation Benefits Iowa current GOP leadership is proposing major changes in this program.  Some of the most significant changes are; A one week waiting period to receive benefits and targeting the long term unemployed. If a company goes out of business and an Individual loses a job the number of weeks collecting unemployment will be reduced, giving that individual less time to find a new job.
In an economy where many families live paycheck to paycheck, workers deserve the security to take care of their families after losing a job through no fault of their own.